Örebro University

The CERIS (Centre for empirical research on information systems) research environment belongs to Örebro University School of business and specialises on informatics research from the usage, management and development/implementation perspectives. E-health is one of the major research areas of CERIS and all proposed project members have focused on this area for years. CERIS played an important part, with Isabella Scandurra as a member of the management team, when the DOME (Development of Online Medical records and E-health services) followed and evaluated the implementation of patient accessible electronic health records in Sweden.

The team spans several research focuses related to eHealth services for patients, such as mediated communication, standardization, usability and implementation science. Gunnar Klein is a professor of Informatics as well as a healthcare professional, and hence also contribute with a practitioner’s perspective to the team.

The team contributes to the project by leading the work in work package on socio-technical contexts and policies, which fits the implementation science standardization background of the members. The team also contribute to the other work packages as well as dissemination and knowledge exchange.

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