Skövde University

The team consists of researchers from two research domains in informatics; information security and health informatics.

The research team will contribute to the different work packages related to among others information security, privacy and oncology patients and their nots.  Furthermore, the team will contribute to the project through an in-depth knowledge and experience of studying patients and professionals in their performance of their duties, both in relation to the individuals in need of care and their significant others as well as to other professionals.

Associate Professor Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt research interests are in the area of information security and privacy. Her research focus is on the development and evaluation of methods and tools around systematic information security work, safe and efficient information management in health care and privacy issues. In addition to lead and carry out research projects within the academy, she also participates in the Swedish and international standardization work on ISO/IEC 27000 via SIS TK318, participant in the Digitalization Council in Region of Västra Götaland and a member of the board of Data Protection Forum since 2015.

Senior lecture Hanife Rexhepi research interests are in the area of process-oriented IT development, healthcare knowledge management, implementation of evidence-based practice, patient empowerment and health information needs and information behaviours of patients, their families and carers.

Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt
Hanife Rexhepi

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