Uppsala University

Uppsala University is the project owner, and Associate Professor Maria Hägglund, the team leader for Uppsala, is also the PI for the whole project. Maria Hägglund is a health informatics researcher with a focus on eHealth for patients in general and on patients’ access to their medical records in particular. She has a joint position working both at Uppsala University and at Uppsala University Hospital, ensuring a strong clinical connection.

Project co-ordinator Anna Kharko has a PhD in psychology from Plymouth University.

Professor Åsa Cajander is the PI for the Swedish DOME consortium, a network of researchers studying patients’ access to their medical records in Sweden. Åsa Cajander has extensive experience of studying the impact of digital tools on healthcare professionals work environment, as well as gender issues in the IT sector.

Professor Isto Huvila’s work focuses on information and knowledge management, information work, knowledge organisation, documentation, and social and participatory information practices and eHealth is one of the areas he has studied extensively, especially patients access to their health information online, information seeking behaviours and information literacy.

PhD student Annika Bärkås has a Master’s degree in health informatics and will do her PhD studies within the NORDeHEALTH project. Her main focus will be on patients access to their mental health records.

PhD student Josefin Hagström‘s research focused on digital solutions within healthcare and education. In her PhD thesis she is examining patients’ access to their electronic health records, specifically in the context of young patients (children and adolescents) and their caregivers.

Maria Hägglund
Anna Kharko
Åsa Cajander
Isto Huvila
Annika Bärkås
Josefin Hagström

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